Problems connecting Visual Studio 2008 to TFS 2010

Today i faced some problems while trying to connect VS2008 to TFS2010. Illegal characters in TFS-server’s uri, TF253022 FCU not installing properly and what not…

Issue 1: “Add/Remove Team Foundation Server”-dialog doesn’t allow required characters, like “:” or “/”.

I’m not sure why, but they’ve decided that one cannot enter a valid TFS URI via the GUI. This can be circumvented with a bit of crazy registry magicks:

Go to key “HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/VisualStudio/9.0/TeamFoundation/Servers”

Add new String-values, where Name is the name you want to call the TFS-connection. Set Data-value to be the TFS-server’s URI, including collection to use. I had it easy here, because i had working connections from VS2010, so i just copied the values from those registry keys. VS2010 TFS-uris can be found by replacing 9.0 with 10.0 in the key above, and working your way from there. It’s a tiny bit more complicated structure than VS2008.

Issue 2: Error TF253022  about “Forward Compatibility Update” while connection – even when that patch has been installed!

This came up after i got Issue 1 fixed. Beforehand, i had gone through the following steps:

  1. The Beginning: I had VS2008 installed without Service Pack 1.
  2. Installed SP1
  3. Installed Team Explorer for VS2008
  4. Installed Forward Compatibility Update
  5. Got error about not having FCU installed…

Fix was quite simple. It is required to re-install SP1 and FCU (in that order) after installing Team Explorer.

PS. Issue 1 would’ve gone away if Issue 2 had been sorted first. Working FCU apparently removes the “illegal characters in uri” problem.


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