Testing, testing, iPad 2

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Just a quick test to see if ipad’s wordpress app works ok…

(==wanted to tell everyone that i got an iPad2 and that it’s the nicest piece of hw i’ve bought since Galaxy S ;)

Best VS2010 editor scheme yet – Humane Studio

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I used to be an advocate of high contrast light-on-dark schemes, but for few months i’ve been going more and more Humane. Maybe it’s the age.

Go grab: http://studiostyl.es/schemes/humane-studio



Quickie: ASP.NET MVC, custom ActionResult and “This operation requires IIS integrated pipeline mode” while adding headers.

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Today i faced this while trying to add “Allow”-header to Response object via ControllerContext.HttpContext.Response.Headers.Add().

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A List Apart – Web [developer|designer|whatever] -survey

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…and that’s about it for now :-)

Visual Studio 2010 IntelliSense won’t “Pre-Select” items [fix]

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Today i faced a new ide-related problem in VS2010 – IntelliSense stopped “pre-selecting” items.

What i mean with pre-selecting is that normally when i type f.ex. in ASP.NET Web Forms apps code behind:

And hit dot, space etc., i get the following (here i hitted dot):

Suddenly today i started getting this:

IntelliSense’s list actually even looks different than in the first image, but i didn’t realize it at that point. I was just wondering why the following happens when i hit f.ex. dot:

IS didn’t come up with “Response”, but just appended the dot to “Resp”.

Apparently VS team has added new feature in VS2010 – low impact intellisense mode. This mode can be toggled on and off by pressing CTRL-ALT-Space. Of course if you are like me and running VS in environment within VMWare player, then you’ll have to do CTRL-ALT-Space, CTRL-ALT-Space. First “CTRL-ALT-Space” will direct the second “CTRL-ALT”-prefixed command to the environment running inside Player.


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Finally a good dark theme for VS2010

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Previously used this theme in VS 2008, but it doesn’t look that good on VS 2010. Since i upgraded to 2010 i’ve been looking for a good replacement theme from f.ex. studiostyles.info and stackoverflow.com, but to no avail.

Now, mr. James Jones has made my day(s to come). Here’s a blog entry about the theme he has created and it’s available for download from Google Code.

Edit: Another collection of themes in CodeProject.

Tool tip: colorschemedesigner.com

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I have something else (big thing) going on, so just a quick tip about a handy tool for us, who are “challenged” when dealing with visual design issues: http://colorschemedesigner.com/. Simple sliders and you get instant color theme.

Tool can also generate “light” and “dark” demo layouts. Kicks ass.